Smart Lock

The Theorax Dynamics Smart Lock solution is a smart multi utility lock solution for office and home purposes. Our smart lock solution couples the intelligence of our IoT platform and the electromagnetic locks to provide a multifaceted product line suitable for various applications.

Smart IoT Controllers Feature Set :

  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Status Reporting
  • Network Aware
    • Connects via Bluetooth (can only be locked/unlocked by paired devices in vicinity)
    • Connects via GSM (can be locked/unlocked from anywhere from authorized devices)
    • Failsafe SMS mode available
  • Access Logs: The lock logs its state change activity and when it started operating.
    • User can view and download this log in case of a breakin.
    • This feature is available as a subscription (with 1 year free)
  • App controllable
    • User can view lock status/lock history from anywhere
    • User can lock/unlock from anywhere.
  • In case user loses access to the lock, then they can request a remote lock/unlock.
  • Google Now integration

These controllers can interface with two types of electromagnetic locks :

  • Deadbolt type electronic lock
  • Low weight induction type electromagnetic locks (60 kg break strength)

Future Plans :

  • Complete WiFi Integration
  • Complete Ethernet integration
  • Voice recognition based lock/unlock
  • Control panel for a large Smart Lock installation and monitoring.
  • API to integrate our lock solution into user’s integrated security system.
  • Alexa Integration