Remote Monitoring System

A Remote Monitoring System is an essential component in any system that has reliability as one of its requirements. Not only is such a system useful in proving (both legally and technically) the ability of a system to achieve a pre-defined uptime, but also helps in debugging, fault correction, data logging, automated data analysis and alerts. Apart from that, an Remote Monitoring System also has the ability to control the connected system also provides an extremely high amount of versatility in the overall system.


Features of our Remote Monitoring System

  • Our Remote Monitoring Solution is a combination of various interconnected systems that lead to a vastly improved performance and data availability. The various components of the system are:
  • A GSM capable modular board.
  • A Central server to gather the data from various devices. Apps for automated analysis of data.
  • Multiple apps to view and analyse data from various platforms and devices.

GSM capable modular board

  • No configuration required, just plug and play.
  • Customizable to your needs.
  • Modular design ensures that multiple sensors can be monitored and if necessary, controlled.
  • Ability to control devices which support this functionality with either:
  • Data protocol based control.
  • Electrical signalling based control.
  • No configuration required for SIM & GSM.
  • Notification via SMS.
  • Alert level setting via web interface.
  • Power management enabled, requires very little power for itself

Central Server

  • Multi user support.
  • Support for different classes of users (Admin, Test, User, etc.)
  • Extensible
  • Customizable
  • Works on Windows/Linux
  • Requires MySQL
  • If requested, possible to support sqlite, or any other mainstream RDBMS.


  • PC based apps (for both Windows and Linux)
  • Android support.

Applications :

  • Household electrical meter monitoring and automated bill generation
  • Solar invertors and PCU
  • Telecom towers
  • Server and Equipment room monitoring and Control System
  • Fuel Theft prevention System
  • Aquarium Monitoring System
  • Cool Room Temperature & Refrigeration Monitoring System
  • Fuel Management System
  • Green House Monitoring System
  • Monitoring and Control System for Generator
  • Gate Control
  • Switch
  • Intercom Use at Rural Communication Towers
  • Lift and Escalator Fault Monitoring and Reporting System
  • Smart Home System
  • Vending Machine and Monitoring and Control System
  • Machine Control System
  • Barrier Gate Control System
  • Industrial Access Control System
  • Home Security Monitoring
  • Heating Control System
  • electrical appliance ON OFF Control
  • Garage Door Opener
  • External Lights and Locks Control
  • Air conditioning Controller
  • Street Light monitoring and Controller
  • Flash Light Control for wild Animal Alerts
  • SMS Alert for High Voltage Electric
  • Fencing Security System
  • Silo Weight System
  • Air Pollution Monitoring System