Android Based Alcohol Dispenser

The Android based alcohol dispenser is a state-of-the-art product which can dramatically cut down costs and increase productivity and customer satisfaction of bars, pubs, etc. It can handle all these while providing an aesthetically pleasing look to the surroundings. The intensity and colour of the glow lights can be adjusted to match the theme of the environment and meet the ambiance requirements as well.

Salient Features:

  • Completely designed in-house by a team of IITians, NID graduates and patent holders
  • Styled by a designer who has won international awards
  • Food grade steel is used (as per international standards) in the dispense area
  • Plastics used are food grade and will be tested for chemical migration & certified by TUV
  • The Polypropylene Universal Adapter has the capability to be used on any bottle of neck diameter between 27 to 32mm
  • The metal parts are put through a chemical process for rust protection
  • Some Parts also  go through an electroplating process for improved finish and another two processes to  get the brushed and satin finish
  • Logo on the glass is cut through using advanced water jet process 
  • Use of Hygienic pumps (Peristaltic pumps from Italy) in the machine for pumping the drink.
  • Non invasive sensing used to sense the drink levels without actually touching it, but through the change in capacitance of the surrounding area.
  • All electrical & electronics parts used in the machine (except the designed control unit) are CE certified. The machine will also be CE certified at TUV SUD
  • The 32 bit microprocessor based control unit will go through CE certification, including EMC tests at TUV SUD.
  • 8 inch android tablet with the latest configuration & customized for accordingly
  • Bluetooth communication between the control board and tablet
  • Sales tracking from remote location.
  • Data analytics indicating the sales pattern.


  • Designed for Alcohol dispensing.
  • Multi point, 8 product dispenser.
  • Large 8 inch touch screen for control .
  • Alcohol bottles can be mounted directly on the dispenser.
  • Sold-out indication, real time level monitoring.
  • GPS/GSM with telemetry box detailing sales data/analytics.
  • Dimensions at 3.10 X 1.8 X 1.5 feet approximately.
  • Machines are IOT Enabled for sales tracking and can be clustered over different geographical locations.
  • Remote diagnostics feature to be added in Phase 2.