Services Provided

  • The team at Theorax has a great deal of collective experience in several domains, which enables us to provide consulting services in almost any field. We have consulted on a wide range of projects to both Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations. Our vision is to help the start-ups and organizations with limited resources to build revolutionary products with the help of our experience and resources fostering the growth of both organizations. We provide consultancy in:
  • R&D in electrical and electronics
  • Robotics
  • Indigenous Products
  • Firmware & Software
  • Mobile apps
  • HLP support
  • UDS capable
  • Multi Frame Messaging
  • Multi ECU Detection and targeting
  • Data Collision Monitoring
  • OOB (Out Of Band Data) support
  • This is a vehicle tracking and security system with real-time GPS and immobiliser. It can be used by the owners of single and fleets of vehicles alike. The user gets several features such as Geo-Fencing, GPS Tracking, Theft Protection, etc. which enables one to worry less about the whereabouts of their vehicle. The device empowers the users to block the ignition of the vehicle or to bring the vehicle to halt if it crosses certain pre-defined geo-points. In case of theft, it updates the owner about the location of the vehicle and enables one to stop it remotely as well.

Automotive Products

  • Active tracking
  • Track indoor
  • Latest technology
  • GPS based
  • App based
  • Tracking easy


  • This device is as the size of your thumb, and can record millions of values over time. The memory is expandable, thus enabling the user to store an enormous amount of values on this device. The recorded data can be seamlessly transferred to computers. It has been extensively used in the collection of data for grenade and shell explosions, etc. It comes with configurable frequency and time, thus enabling the user to have greater control over the data. It has frequencies higher than the general data loggers in the market.
  • This system can be used for blast optimizations, and increasing the efficiency of various mining and other operations. It has a higher accuracy as compared to the traditional chemical detonators. Accurate timing enables one to control delays. It works without the use of battery after the ejection of the projectile. It comes equipped with configurable frequency and time.

Products for DRDO

  • SIM based
  • Data monitoring
  • Remotely control the device
  • SMS service and alerts
  • Automated data analysis and report generation
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  • BMS is a Battery Monitoring System which keeps a check on the key operational parameters during charging and discharging such as voltages and currents and the battery’s internal and ambient temperature. The monitoring circuits would normally provide inputs to protection devices which would generate alarms or disconnect the battery from the load or charger, if any of the parameters become out of limits.
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  • According to different studies and experts, around 40% of the energy consumed globally is buildings’ related. Artificial lighting consumes a significant part of all electrical energy consumed. In offices from 20 to 50 percent of total energy consumed is due to lighting. And most importantly, for some buildings over 90 percent of lighting energy consumed can be an unnecessary expense through over-illumination. We solve this problem with the use of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
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  • 48 V system
  • CAN communication
  • Wake Up
  • Timer Function
  • Contactor control
  • Watch Dog
  • CAN collision
  • Cooling control
  • Software update through OTA
  • Closed loop Control system
  • BLDC motor Control
  • BMS(36V-48V)
  • Data acquisition

New & Renewable Energy Products

  • This is a revolutionary product that has enabled many restaurants, pubs, etc. to smoothen their customer service, and save manpower, thereby reducing expenditure and gaining more customer satisfaction which drives more revenue to the organization. It is an aesthetically pleasing device which implements technology in a field that other companies have not seen before. Powered by Android at its core, this product packs the potential to reduce the cash burn of the user by a few lakhs every month.
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Android Based Alcohol Dispenser

  • Status Reporting: The user can always know whether the door is locked or not from anywhere.
  • Network Aware: Reports and takes orders via network
  • Remote Lock/Unlock: Can be locked and unlocked remotely.
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Smart Lock