Smart Switch

There are many products in the market currently which tout advanced home automation and smart capabilities. Not only are they restricted in their capabilities, but also they are extremely expensive, require high maintenance and are expensive to operate (require SIM for internet, etc.). Our solution is an advanced robust and simple to install and operate system, which leverages the already installed infrastructure inside a house to provide an easy and convenient access and use. Also, it is completely operational in a no Internet regime. It is an Internet of Things (IoT) capable system which still provides functionality even when internet is offline.


  • Aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate, extremely safe advanced switching.
  • Ability to operate via Android apps.
  • Highly secure encrypted SSL based communication between components.
    • From anywhere when Internet is available to the system.
    • From inside the house when Internet is not available to the system.
    • Internet security password.
    • Device security password.
    • Wi-Fi WPA2 only.
  • Highly secure encrypted SSL based communication between components.
  • Simple to configure.
  • Advanced diagnostics capability for easy fault correction.
  • Early Warning Fault Detection System (EWFDS) with Life Cycle Management System.
  • Two type of 3 pin sockets are available:
    • Chained sockets. All the sockets turn ON and OFF together. They are chained together for switching operations.
    • Independent Sockets. These sockets are independent of each other’s state. As such they can be switched ON and OFF independently of each other.
  • Two type of 3 pin sockets are available:
  • Multipoint surge protecting spikes with independent switches are also available.

Functional Specification :

Master Controller

Master Controller is the control node of the entire system. It shall:

  • Receive messages from Router and parses them.
  • Sends the command to the correct switch board.
  • Does an All Systems Check for diagnostics.
  • Central level communication node for all external purposes.

Switch Board Control

Switch Board contains the actual switches & relays and receives messages to execute. It has:

  • Touch based switches for manual operation.
  • Wi-Fi N for mobile app based control.
  • IR based remote for direct control.
  • Touch based switches for manual controller

It also has self-diagnostics capabilities, which it reports to the master controller, which in turn informs the user in case of any issues.